Sunday 1 August 2010

Polaroid 636 Closeup Camera

It's Sunday, so it's car-boot day...

On the lookout for generic crap, I spotted a mint condition Polaroid, still boxed with manual. No film cartridge, so I'll have to find suitable film, but for the pittance I paid I got a real bargain. Frankly, I think the guy would have been happy if I just walked away without paying - he just wanted to get rid of it (probably would have binned it on his return home).

It's a closeup camera, with a focus from 0.6m to infinity... Should be much fun! I've sourced and ordered some 669 film for the Land camera, and I'm itching to try that one out. I'll do some research and find some film for this one as well. I'm detecting a little pattern occurring here.

We found some expired Fuji 120 film in the cupboard, so we had a play with Ms. R's new camera this evening. We've snapped the whole role, so we'll get it processed ASAP, and get the frames scanned. I also found a roll of B&W left in my C220 and promptly finished it off, so that'll go off for processing too, and will hopefully yield some results.

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