Thursday 3 March 2011

The Model Agency

I'm really enjoying Channel 4's new documentary series; The Model Agency. It does bring back memories...

Anyhow, check it out:

I've been told to elaborate more, but I'm currently being attacked by a big angry dinosaur. Rah.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Grey Skies and Studio Delays

Grey skies, delays with my new studio/lab space and other crappyness, makes me one unhappy bunny. With packs of Polaroid, new cameras, models pestering to shoot, ideas pouring out and lots of new designs by Ms R. to shoot, I'm getting a little stir crazy.

On top of this, I've got a massive workload preventing me from doing anything other than be more frustrated than I already am.

As a side effect I plan to start keeping a scrapbook of ideas and inspiration: Loved by McCoy. A new styling here and on "Made by" go some way to alleviate a bit of frustration.

Perhaps it might be nice enough out to shoot, or I find enough time to get a small space ready to shoot sometime soon. In the meanwhile, I'll stay creative with other things.