Sunday 8 August 2010

Exploring New Grounds

Another Sunday, and another car-boot sale! This time we went a little further afield, and found a new one held in a big, well, a big field.

Quite different to our usual haunt, with a quite a few nice little finds...

First I succumbed to an 8mm Cine camera. I have no idea if I can get film for it, but I spotted one a week or so ago, and got the crazy idea to shoot some 8mm film. I'm still waiting to receive the first pack of Polaroids, so I've got a back log already.

I've got a new engineering project, in the form of a vintage industrial Singer sewing machine in need of TLC. Not powered it up yet, but from first glance it's just the drive belt that needs replacing - the thick layers of gunge around a few moving parts leads me to think it needs a complete overhaul either way.

Ms. R spotted a lovely little Ilford Sportsman camera - I'm not sure yet if it's a 35mm or 120, probably should check! Having processed the first film from the Koroll, we were a little miffed by how badly underexposed they were. We used a new company for the processing, but I suspect it's the camera rather than the chemistry. I might also point blame at the age of the film roll - we'll give it another go with a fresh roll of Fuji, and see if that works. The Sportsman looks like a real winner, so we'll try and shoot something ASAP with it.

Photos of the new goodies to come soon...

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