Tuesday 26 April 2011


Shabu-Shabu!, originally uploaded by Shot by McCoy.
New one-pot restaurant in Cambridge. Really good fun, especially as we where guinea pigs and the first few to try it before it opens publicly in the next few weeks. Check it out; Aki-Teri (opposite Teri-Aki) just by the river, next to the punting dock.

Sake Salad Rolls...

Sake Salad Rolls..., originally uploaded by Shot by McCoy.
Our regular hangout, Teri-Aki in Cambridge. A definite must if you're in the area. I've nearly designed my perfect meal...

  • Sake Salad Rolls (Salmon Salad)
  • Ebi Tempura (Prawn Tempura)
  • Teri-Aki Ebi Salad (Prawn/Crabstick Salad)
  • Ton Katsu (Pork Cutlet) or Ton Katsu Rolls
  • Green Tea
  • Whatever Ms R hasn't eaten...
It's taken a few years, and lots, and lots of variations, but I'm getting damn close!

Keepin' on top of me...

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