Tuesday 27 July 2010

Polaroid Land Camera

Every Sunday we seem to naturally wake incredibly early now, giving us chance to hit our little haunt; the local car boot sale... We seem to alternate as to who's day it is - this week it was definitely mine. Last week it was neither of our days - we failed to find any gems, and just bought a load of plants for the front garden. And got a little sunburnt.

I have to give all credit to Ms. R for finding this little beauty, I had been a little preoccupied by vintage Scalextric to notice it at first. The camera is nearly mint - complete with manual, fresh pack of film and two packs of flash bulbs. A couple of dints, and a little chemical frosting from the old Polaroid packs, but otherwise in fantastic condition.

I've not had much of a play with it yet, but I'm already loving the twin "Focus" and "Frame" view finders... The former allows you to focus using superimposed images, and the latter gives you a frame to work with. The film sounds a little dusty, well, it sounds like a box of sand. It does seem though that Fuji make a compatible peel-back film, some more research needed.

She also found a really cute retro 50's/60's camera for herself - virtually no mechanics to it, looking inside it, the thing has about three moving parts. We can't wait to load them both (or rather, wedge whatever fits into them) with film, and start shooting.

Much light leakage and skewed framing to come...

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