Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bencini Koroll 24-S

On the hunt for film for Ms. R's new camera, we've found it's a medium format camera, but with a half-frame mask (3cm x 4.5cm) allowing for 24 shots on a 120 film roll. Either way, we can get a plentiful supply of 120 film, can get it processed and can then scan it on our wet scanner.

Made in Milan in the 1950's, it's got about three moving parts; shutter actuator, f9/f16 aperture slider and a really odd looking swinging bit of metal that supposedly controls the shutter speed (for either 1/50 or "B"). It's got a winder as well, so that's four moving parts then...

Everybody we've found online that's used one mentions the focus is stuck in a single position. My theory is that the focus dial is fake, and actually glued on. Crappy Italian manufacturing would explain why they're all stuck in different positions (while the focal length remains the same). Love Italian design. Hate Italian manufacturing.

Looking on the inside, the aperture control is hilarious - it just swings a piece of clear plastic with a horizontal slot through it; basically it crops the top and bottom of the fixed aperture.

And that is exactly why it's such a charming camera. We can't wait to try our new spoils, and to discover the defects, dust marks, blurs and effects light leakage will cause.

Oh, and it's shiny. Really shiny.


  1. Hi focus just needs a little drop of petrol around the edge of the focus to lubricate and then gently tapped with a spoon as if opening a jar of jam :) worked on mine any way.

  2. I have a Koroll II and the focus does twist completely around, moving the lens in and out. Those that are stuck likely just need a bit of lubrication as the previous poster mentioned.