Monday 29 August 2011

Lithuania 2011

Back from Lithuania end of last week, and getting back into things slowly after the bank holiday weekend...

It was a mix of errands and a bit of relaxation, with plenty of furniture moving - mostly around Alytus and surrounding countryside. Had a couple of really great days - including a barbecue on the shore of one of Alytus' gigantic freshwater lakes (complete with paddling and sand castles).

I got to experience a Lithuanian wedding - full of tradition and bizarreness, but interesting nonetheless. Spent most of the day on "high-heel duty", as Ms. R's sister, and some of their friends tottered around on 4" heels, narrowly avoiding rolling down rocky steps or slipping on polished marble (admittedly I did skid a good few feet on rose petals in the church).

As always, lots of fantastic food on the trip including favourites; Vedarai (a potato sausage in pork intestine), Shashlik (skewered barbecued meats), Blynai (potato pancakes) and much, much more! Missing the fresh cucumbers and tomatoes already!

Also got to have my fill of Kibinai the night before we left - half the size of a Cornish Pastie, and filled solidly with pork and onion, all freshly baked for us... Nom-nom... I could go a couple now...

I took lots of pictures and videos, so expect updates and countless blurry pictures to follow. Okay, back to work...

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