Thursday 23 June 2011

New Cards!

At long, long last, I have my new contact cards!

Contact Cards
My new double-sided contact cards.

Rather than having a card for each blog, in a nod to the sociopaths out there, one side features Shot by McCoy and the other features Made by McCoy. Whatever the event (within reason as to what the event is, and why I'm at it), I can hand out a relevant card (and then spend ten minutes explaining why it's got two different blogs on it - c'mon people, have some frigging imagination).

My logo isn't supposed to represent anything in specific, other than enabling me to change the subtitle as needed - which leads me to explain that while it's not noticeable on the blog versions given the rotation, but the cards do look like little flags of Japan or 'Hinomaru'. Purely coincidental, I swear, and they're the wrong ratio to be flags, so nerrr. Either way, it's cool, and I like them.

Each side features the relevant web addresses, and something I've had in mind for a while, a little tag list - which I hope goes some way to explaining what the blogs are and, in turn, what I am about.

No email addresses or phone numbers, as I'm not sure where I'll give the cards out, anyway you can contact me easily through the blogs.

I also got to design new cards for Ms R; a set of thank you cards, and a set of business cards, featuring the fantastic illustration of her done by the very talented Audrey Malo.

I've got a jewellery shoot in the next fortnight, so I might have some new images I can post, for the time being, you'll just have to imagine what I've been working on...

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